First Top Building Materials LLC


United Arab Emirates
   + 971 4 2858298
HALL 6F272

First Top Building Materials LLC (FTBM) has been supplying quality automatic sliding doors, gate and access control system since 2006 in Dubai, UAE and GCC.  
We have our own brand KIMMATIC (formerly DOORMATIC) for the automatic sliding door , gate and access control system which parts and materials are designed and made by Korean Technology and assembled here in UAE.  
These automatic sliding doors have been supplying MENA as well as GCC counties with very good reputation.  
We realize “Service means Quality" and we make sure that we treat our clients with the same mutual respect. We endeavor to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers, helping them to strengthen and improve their competitive position in the market and at the same time serve our purpose.  
During a short period of time we were already considered as one of customer leading choice in door system industry in UAE as well as MENA because its product are of the finest quality and with affordable price that would provide a real benefit to our customers. Also we have been improving our products to give more confidence to our existing clients .  
Our range of products and scope of works are as follows:  
• Automatic Sliding Door Operator (glass door)  
• Automatic Sliding Gate Operator (casting or steel gate)  
• Access control system (fingerprint scanner, card & password system)  
• Rolling shutter  
• Automatic Gate Barriers  
• Annual and One-Time Maintenance   

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