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t-s-i.de Misch-und Dosiertechnik GmbH is an owner-managed company. At t-s-i.de, we are dedicated to a key mission: absolute reliability. We provide clients with innovative plant technology for processing sealants and adhesives.  
Our services range from the engineering of standard plants to the creation of tailored end-to-end solutions and the use of robotics. They also include consulting, maintenance, and spare parts services.  
Comprehensive and capable client service is a top priority for us, and key to our concept of client relationships based on reliability.  
Whenever you are in need of bonding, mixing, and metering expertise and technologies, you can trust us to be a dependable partner. No matter whether your business is automotive, insulating glass, window bonding, renewable energies, or something completely else, we will provide you with solutions that work.

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