Metawell GmbH


Neuburg / Donau
   + 49 0 843167150
HALL 6F253

Metawell GmbH, based in Neuburg/Donau in Southern Germany, produces aluminium sandwich panels (Metawall®, Metawell®, Metawell® Aluflex and Metawell® Alu-Silent) and distributes them worldwide,either directly or via partners.  
The products are used in transportation (railway, ships, automotive), in construction (facade, radiant ceiling and interior design) and for industrial applications.  
A competent team of engineers and technicians is there to give you good advice in all areas needed, to fulfill your requests and realize them as a lightweight design.  
The fully equipped machinery combined with modern manufacturing techniques allows the production of a wide product range - from semi-finished panels to ready-to-be-installed systems.  
The panels have a fire classification acc. DIN EN 13501: B - s2, d0 or A2 - s1, d0.

Products to be displayed

  • Metawall® and Metawall® A2

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